Will A New Roofing System Add Value To A Commercial Property?

With any commercial or industrial roofing investment it is critical that property managers and business owners across the Greater Toronto Area are able to receive both a return of investment and long-term benefits on their spending. There are distinct advantaged in replacing an old flat roofing system with a modern system. Newly installed flat roofing systems, if installed correctly will be more dependable and require less maintenance i the long-term and depending on the style of flat roof you choose, whether it be PVC or Modified Bitumen, you may benefit from increased energy savings and efficiency.

By working with us, an experienced commercial roofing contractor, we will be able to strategize and form a long-term relationship with you from the beginning of the new install the the end of the flat roof’s service life. This allows for a historic knowledge of the flat roofing system and easy maintenance. With this planning you can avoid the headaches and stresses when it comes to roof management and flat roof leaks.

As soon as the new commercial roof is installed, your building is worth substantially more than it was under the old, deteriorating roof. The building will be more secure, more weathertight, and more attractive.

But exactly how much can you get in return from a new flat roofing system?

There is no question that a flat roof replacement is expensive. Seeing the total price for a professionally completed replacement can cause eyebrows to raise and hearts to skip beats. However, when property managers grasp a true understanding of where the money on a new flat roofing system is being spent, they will see saved dollars in the long-term and how a flat roof replacement is a true investment.

For those considering on selling a commercial property,  installing a brand new flat roofing system could be very profitable. If the sale of your commercial or industrial property is a step you are looking to take, you should take into consideration what prospective buyers expect from a flat roofing system and building efficiency. Low maintenance costs, durability and a long life cycle flat roof is ideal.

By replacing a flat roof with a durable and reliable flat roofing membrane, you not only reduce future spending on flat roof repairs, but you also eliminate costs associated with the damage a leaking roof can cause. With green roof bylaws that require energy saving redentials, you could end up saving thousands of dollars more than the costs required to achieve it.

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Source: http://www.roofmaintenance.ca/blog/will-a-new-roofing-system-add-value-to-a-commercial-property/


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